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Mainly provide contract production of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and industrialization of fine chemicals for large domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

According to the strategic development needs of the group and the actual situation of Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Group, Furen Pharmaceutical Group established Kaifeng Loquat Tree Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2019, which is operated and managed by Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Group, specializing in the production of high-grade pharmaceutical intermediates. While providing raw materials and intermediate supporting services for Kaifeng Pharmaceutical Group, Furen Pharmaceutical Group also established Kaifeng Loquat Tree Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. For large pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad to provide advanced pharmaceutical intermediates contract production and fine chemicals industrialization.


The company has two R & D centers, namely Kaifeng Loquat Tree Shanghai R & D center and headquarters R & D center. Kaifeng Loquat Tree Shanghai R & D center is located in the science and Technology Park of East China University of science and technology. It focuses on small-scale research of green synthesis technology, customized synthesis services of foreign companies, development of product analysis methods and quality research; The R & D center of the headquarters focuses on process optimization and pilot scale-up.


The modern office building of the company is spacious and bright, the quality inspection building has complete functions, and the instrument analysis room is equipped with HPLC and GC, as well as the sample retention room, stability laboratory, microbial detection room, etc. Solid raw material warehouse, liquid raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, hazardous chemicals warehouse, solvent storage tank area, etc. are in good order. Two high standard chemical production workshops and one class D purification workshop, with a total production volume of 120 cubic meters, have the ability to produce and process various products, and can carry out pressure hydrogenation reaction. They have rich practical experience in diazotization reaction, Friedel Crafts reaction, reduction reaction, addition reaction, condensation reaction, Grignard reaction, substitution reaction, etc.


The company's two main products are bumetanide, dexmedetomidine and intermediates. Their quality and production technology have reached the advanced level at home and abroad, which can meet the production needs of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. Other intermediates are all self-produced, the price and quality can meet the requirements of customers.


After several years of efforts, Kaifeng Loquat Tree has established long-term good cooperative relations with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies by virtue of its independent R & D and production capacity and years of export experience. Moreover, the enterprise has a dedicated and pragmatic management and marketing team integrating R & D, production and sales, adheres to the brand differentiation strategy, and has established its own marketing network in key regions of the country.


We believe: "innovation is the source of the enterprise, quality is the life of the enterprise, employees are the foundation of the enterprise, integrity is the soul of the enterprise!" We are willing to technology, products, services and credibility with enterprises at home and abroad and people of insight to join hands and common development!


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